New mac user Please Help

This might be a stupid question, ive bought a design template (pro garage) . Is there away i can save properties (shipping, about us, returns slogan etc )

There may be an easier way, but the way I do it is by saving a master template with all that on there.

How do u create. A master template

Put in all the info you were talking about: shipping, returns, payments, etc.

Then, once it’s done the way you want, it’s time to make your first listing.

You do this by highlighting the master template and clicking “Duplicate listing” in the drop-down.

That will make you a duplicate while leaving the master template as is.

Fill in the information for your listing, and it’s ready to go. Just keep clicking on Duplicate listing.

Ok thank you I’ll try that

Simply create a new listing and enter all your default settings (including the design and design properties). If done, simply drag and drop that listing from the GarageSale listings section straight into the white “master listing” box at the bottom right in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > New Listing.

Regards, Kristian

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