"New" Media Library bugs/issues, Legacy okay (GS8.3.3)

New install of GS8 (8.3.3) on a Mac Mini (Catalina 10.15.7) after upgrading from an old GS7 installation on an old (2007) iMac (El Capitan). Transferred all my original GS data across from the old Mac and everything went fine on the upgrade and import of databases and even successfully uploaded an old listing as a test.

However, when I opened the Media Library to find my photos I just could not figure out how to add my custom folder locations back in what was basically a blankish window just showing standard Mac Photo locations, and nothing more except for a search bar at the bottom and an unselectable arrow to the left of that. I finally figured out by searching on this forum that I have to drag the custom folder I want (from Finder) over the Media Library window (but Media Library didn’t suggest such as has been suggested on this forum and as I must have originally done ages ago in GS7).

I then couldn’t figure out how to sort all my Media Library custom sub-folders into alphabetical order (all the sub-folders seemed totally randomly ordered and mixed up), there are no sort columns or anything showing in Media Libary. Right click did nothing and searching the documentation seems to not even mention Media Library nor does this forum about the issue.

I then saw someone having an issue with closing the Media Library window (Media Library Window Won't Close) which I also was experiencing, and in that Kristian wonders if the “legacy image browser” in Prefs/General is activated. For that questioner it wasn’t and on looking at my settings it wasn’t either. I turned it on, quit GS and restarted and bang, a proper Media Library accessible again (with my old custom photo locations from the GS7 install still in there).

So, I’m not at all sure what the “New” non-legacy Media Library is all about, it just seems like it doesn’t work!!! - And unless I’d searched high and low here I would have been none the wiser about the “New” Media Library in GS8 or where all my old custom photo locations had gone.

Is the new Media Library bugginess a known issue? Should I be able to sort the list of folders and what am I missing by using the legacy version? (I don’t have an iPhone so the “continuity camera” feature is not important to me).

It seems that Apple’s own photo browser simply does not communicate well with their own Photos app.
I can’t tell for sure but I think there’s not so much that we can do here, unfortunately. If switching to the legacy image browser works for you, you should stay with that option for now.

What you might also want to check is if you have allowed GarageSale access to the Photos app. You can check this in the System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Photos

Regards, Kristian

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