New Popup after new version download of GarageSale for IPAD

After downloading latest update of Garagesale IOS for my IPAD Air2 I get a popup when i go to submit a listing asking for application password. Is there a password that is sent for this app when it is purchased or what password is it referring to. Where do I find it.

There is nothing like this built into GarageSale. Could it be, that you enabled app-specific passwords on your iPad:


I am having the same problem on the ipad. I have tried to use ebay password and apple password and nothing helps. I have setup app password and that doesn’t help. Apple doesn’t what is the problem but says your software is the problem and I am in the middle and don’t what is causing it. Still asking for password.

Can you take a screenshot of that popup?

In GarageSale on your iPad or iPhone you can password protect your eBay account/GS app in the GarageSale preferences > Account optionally.
If you no longer remember it, you need to delete that account from the GarageSale preferences>Account and re-add it afterwards.

Regards, Kristian

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