New Sale Not Showing Up

I got e-mails from eBay and PayPal, and when I started Garage Sale, it says on the “page” within Garage Sale for the item that “1 sold in last 24 hours.” But nothing shows up in the Inspector.

The item also ended right after the last-minute sale. (Fixed Price, so why the buyer bothered to “snipe” is beyond me!)

When I started Garage Sale, it asked if I wanted to update to 6.9.3 and I said yes, and I’ve confirmed that’s the version I’m using.

The buyer and sale DO show up for a sale about a month ago in an item that also just ended.

Thanks for your help.

It turned out that my “eBay token” had expired. There was no notification within Garage Sale of this, until I went to leave feedback on that transaction from a month ago, and THEN GS said my eBay token had expired. Nothing came up in Help, but I rooted around in Preferences until I found it.

I wish GS had told me that I need to reauthorize it for my eBay account :flushed:

I think there is already something in the works to give you better feedback when your token has expired.