New to ver. 9+ of GarageSale

I just purchased an update to ver. 9+ from my original ver. 7 license == all the or most of the info transferred over just fine and I’ve listed a few things = but I seem to remember an ability to memorize design and details etc = for instance my location [which by zip code should be easy enough for the system to input] is always empty = but I’d like it to be automatically correct when I create a listing = same thing with design = keeps booting back to a dark one and I have another I have used and liked before == so need some help in figuring out how to set up my preferences, since the concept of preferences apparently doesn’t recognize that.

Drag a copy of the listing you like here:

Or just duplicate the listing you like and the design copies over every time

OK I can do that but just did and rather than the basic info coming over [ie my location, shipping etc] it brought the images and everything over== should I just create a Master Listing format and leave it there in the list but copy that?

Yes, I missed telling you that. I have a blank listing, no photos, with some basic text to set fonts, colors, and my own product code.

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