New user, using demo, when will it make me buy

Hi, I have just started using the 'Demo trial". I thought it would only let me do a few listings (all have been buy it now). Works great. It hasn’t made me buy yet but am worried if I don’t soon I will loose my work so far. Would love some advise. Can’t seem to find the help I need.

I think you can list 3 listings with the trial. It should save your work beside the three, you probably just won’t be able to list without purchasing one of the 2 types of licenses.


Thanks Pete, I have listed 7 so far. Everything is showing in listings still. Each time I list it says I am in demo and can list up to 3 auctions. Not sure why auctions and buy it now would be different to the trial but seems to be working like I imagine it should be.

In the free demo mode GarageSale is limited to 3 listing uploads and 30 days of usage. You can setup as many listings as you want. None of your listings will be deleted.

Regards, Kristian

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