No account selected

My garage pay was working fine for years just suddenly does not upload new transaction and asking me to select an account.

There is no account selected. Please select one or more accounts to use the ‘Update only selected accounts’ option

I have update my API for PayPal and tried again and the same comes up. Anyone has a solution?

If I use the option or not the account wont update. I have only 1 PayPal linked to it :frowning:

Thank you

Hi fmasarovic,

could you let us know which version of GaragePay you’re using? The most recent version is 1.8.1.

Also, could you post a screenshot from your GaragePay preferences > Accounts so we can see what you see? (You might want to black out your account name in the screenshot.)

Regards, Kristian

Thank you Kristian the issue was in keychain but as we are communicating via email this could be closed.