No Suggested Item Specifics

All of the item specifics under the ‘Men’s Clothing → Coats and Jackets’ seem to have disappeared, only leaving ‘Custom Detail’. No other categories seem to be affected. I have refreshed access token and updated account details with no luck. Any ideas?

Hi jjattire,

this is eBay UK, right?

Please give this a try:
Select one of the listings in question and open the category browser. In that browser click on the sprocket icon to update the category data.

However, it might be that eBay simply removed the suggested item specifics from this category.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

It is eBay UK yes. No change with ‘Update Categories’. I have tried creating a new listing on eBay directly and the suggested specifics are all still there. Any suggestions?



Hi Jack,

can you please restart GarageSale and then give it another try?
GarageSale probably will download new eBay category data automatically if you open the Preview.

I just tested it here with the “Coats and Jackets” category and the suggested item specifics showed up fine!

Regards, Kristian

Still no luck after restarting the program unfortunately.

hmm, can you please give updating the category data another try?

Regards, Kristian

Re-downloaded categories and restarted again but still no specifics.

Can you please create a new listing from scratch, select the category in question and then open the item specifics?
Does it work with that newly created listing?

Regards, Kristian

No, still nothing Kristian.

I am a bit clueless here, unfortunately.
Can you export one of the listings in question and send it to me so I can have a closer look at it? You can send to if you don’t want to upload the listing here.

Regards, Kristian

I tried to e-mail but it bounced back as it thought it was malware. Let me know what you think.

Vintage TOMMY HILFIGER 1:4 Zip Fleece | Men’s M | Sweatshirt Quarter (6.81 KB)

It’s just come back to life after another reset. If you have any idea what was causing it would be useful to know.


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