Not recognizing Live Listings after Migration to 8.3.3 - Won't allow revise

I had an old copy of 7.x and I just recently installed 8.3.3 and it for some reason will not recognize my listings it imported from 7.x as active “LIVE” listings… When I click on the Live button it shows the listing actively running, but when I make edits to the listing in Garage Sale it only show the option to “Start” the listing… Which obviously i don’t want to relist the items.

Looking to see what options I may have available to bring this option back. As I’ve tried importing an active listing and it just will only allow me to “start” that as well.

I’m on the 8.3.3 trial I just installed. Assessing buying and need to clear this up.


Figured it out… Just got a little excited… Thanks, Justin

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