Number of files in "Containers"

Noticed this morning that when I made a copy of Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale8, there were in excess of 300,000 items (files?) in the folder

I have aprox 40,000 items in GS. Does this sound about right or is there some cleaning up to do?


Hi David,

My Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale8 folder size is: 95.85 GB on disk for 227,286 items

The ImageLibrary folder inside is 83.91 GB on disk for 140,385 items

I have 86862 listings and 31244 orders. (see AppleScript below)

My Deleted Listing Trash folder has 55612 listings.

Approximately 20,000 unique listings with 6 to 12 photos each.
And 10,000 “header” listings with zero photos each.

These numbers sound reasonable to me…


tell application “GarageSale”
set listingCount to (count of every ebay listing) as string
set listingSelectedCount to (count of selected ebay listings) as string
set orderCount to (count of every ebay order) as string
set orderSelectedCount to (count of selected ebay orders) as string
end tell
display dialog “The count of listings(selected) and orders(selected) are:” default answer listingCount & “(” & listingSelectedCount & “)” & ", " & orderCount & “(” & orderSelectedCount & “)”

One can also, now and then, empty the trash can in GS :slight_smile:

Seriously, in addition to emptying the trash, whenever I have more than 1000 Sold listings I export the oldest 500 to disk and delete them from GS, and things get much faster.

I always keep my Trash empty because like you said It can slow GS down.

Thanks Neal. Don’t use as many images as you but it does seem that a big file number is not unusual.

The huge number of file is a known side effect/implementation detail of the database engine we are using in GarageSale (LevelDB developed by Google). I don’t know why it does that, but supposedly some “rocket scientist” at Google thought long and a hard about this.

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Thank you Ilja. Google is full of them

Ah. I found the reason the number of files was so high. A duplicate copy.

Removed this and it more than halved the number of files.

This screen shot is from Containers.


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