Number of Views not updating....still (Live)

Yes, I know this is similar to an earlier post, but it seems Garage Sale hasn’t managed to fix it, and just hoping iwascoding might sort it out - unless anyone here can tell me how to get it working.

So if I look on the eBay UK site I can see my item has had over 100 views, on GS is shows as having 15 Watchers but zero Views.

Is there a trick to getting the GS counter to work correctly?


15 watchers with 0 views

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I also see this problem on eBay USA.

Zero 0 Views on all items.

Many items with greater than zero 0 watchers. But 0 views.

Been happening for a few weeks now…



Interesting, thanks for confirming it’s more widespread than just eBay UK, if they can’t sort it for the US, home of the Garage Sale, what hope for the rest of us!

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Now even the current high bid doesn’t show correctly - luckily that part is obviously wrong and shown correctly in the main “live” page. The GS one is currently about half the actual current bid.

It seems none of the data on the “Status” section can really be trusted currently.

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maybe you have a general issue with the eBay connectivity? Did you try to refresh your account token?

Also, about the views, eBay did change this recently. The view count is reset (somehow) for fixed price listings, see


There must be a bug in the eBay View API, as this used to work before eBay changed/reset the view count.

The view count shows up on the eBay website, but now the View Count is always zero, 0, in GarageSale.

I’m using eBay USA.



Hiya! @paul @sdesaulles @Neal This stopped working as soon as eBay changed the way eBay counts views. - Updates to listing traffic data | UK Seller Centre

So i guess this has affected the API somehow.

All the best

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Probably due to eBay’s recent change to limit the number of Views to the past 30 days. I have this same issue.

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My GarageSale View Count is still always zero 0, but the actual view count DOES show up on my eBay USA website…


Same here. I hadn’t noticed that!

Old GS listings prior to 4/30 still are counting views in GS.

Watchers Count IS updating, but Views Count is NOT updating.

See photos.


![Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 11.12.51 AM|1024x735, 100%](upload://u75urEZ8TsYBy7nd7xmzm6mrILl.


Seeing the same thing here. And I did refresh my eBay token with no change in behavior, so that’s not the solution.

seems like a pretty basic info to get from ebay. I wonder why it isn’t updating into GS?

It was working fine through the end of May. I was away the entire month of June and when I came home, it was broken.

Very few views tells me that I need to change the title. I experiment with keywords on similar items and watch the views. A 0 on a couple and a 10 on one in a day tells me that the keyword combination is best on the 10. The watcher count tells me if the price is too high, too low, or just right. You are right though, it is all guesswork.

I couldn’t replicate the issue with our own listings. Number of views in GarageSale and on eBay match up.

Anybody still not seeing the view count correctly update?

Here is a screen shot of listings running for 30 days. Only old listings before 4/29/22 are updating. ilja are your sample listings from before 4/29?

Yes, the listing I checked is much older.

Can you give me the listing number of one of your listings so I can follow up with eBay what might be causing this issue?

eBay item number: 394076453534