Number of views - still issues?

The number of views still doesn’t seem to be working properly, or is it just with me?
On some listings it is approximately right (less than on the eBay site), on some listing at GS shows zero views while on eBay there are many views - in 1 case more than 500.

(GS 9.3 build 1516)

You are correct, I noticed it yesterday. Usually it corrects in a few days. Keep watching…

Actually, it didn’t correct in the 6 days before…

I have some brand new listings 3 days old with all “0” and some with views and watchers. I don’t see what is making the difference between them but ebay is showing views and watchers

I have just checked with 15 or so new listings and both the watchers and views are now correct and counting again. Ebay seems to fail at reporting these numbers every month or so and then correct after a few days.

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Often seems to happen when the big quarterly updates kick in. They have also recently been breaking a lot of category tree items, leading to me having to redownload categories once or twice a week, since the latest.

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Thanks everyone for replying. I use these numbers as an indication to see if there is enough exposure of the listing. For instance if the number of views is low, it might be due to a wrong category. We’ll probably have to live with hicups from eBay. As so many times before…

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