Offer is not showing on Garage Sale

Once I launched listings, I always used eBay’s site to work with offers, but thought I’d start working everything through GS…

I was lucky enough to get an offer on an item, but it’s not showing up in GS. I have no choice but to accept this offer now, but would appreciate any advice you can offer.


Please advise: I need a searchable manual - however I’m accessing it is not offering me that feature.

It is not possible to manage offers through GS. You can’t see them and you can’t relaunch, accept or decline, you have to do it through ebay site…

As I suggested many time ago, it would be great to filter listing with offers into smart folder, so you could use the LIVE view and go directly on the site to accept… don’t know if it is still in the TODO list or not… any news @ilja ?

Ahh - ok, now I know. You have to close sales and ship through eBay and can manage feedback through GS?


You just have to accept/decline offers through ebay, you do not have to close the listing in GS because when it sold GS automatically recognize it as sold and mark it “green” (sold). Then you can manage shipping in GS with order section where you can mark the items as shipped, put tracking, send messages and of course leave feedback. The only thing you have to do through ebay are accepting/declining offers and merge multiple orders in a unique invoice, this is not possible to do is GS too.

Just open the GarageSale Help from GarageSale’s “Help” menu and use the search field in the toolbar.

Hope this helps,

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