On a Positive Note: GS Got a Mention On TV Show

@ilja, @kristian : I don’t know whether you know it , but you got a pretty cool mention on an American television show, “Fresh Off the Boat.”

I was binge-watching the show today and they randomly mentioned a fictional website garage sale.com, and one character asked the other about the URL, and the first one said something like “It’s for eBay.”

It’s in Season 2, Episode 9.

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Thank you for letting us know. That’s actually funny :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, we don’t own the domain garagesale.com, that would be even better.

Thank you,

Yeah, exactly what I told my husband.

But it does show that at least one of the writers is familiar enough with GarageSale to know the basics and apparently thinks enough of it to put it in the show.

It wasn’t like they were actually talking about eBay or GS. They just put it in there.

Do you have access to Hulu? It’s available on there.

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