On GarageSale touch for iPhone, cannot track running auctions nor sync with GS on mac

I tried to use make some templates through garagesale touch on iPhone and realized that

some features are not working properly for now. In Folder section, I used to see my running auctions and but for now it shows nothing and the latest update said it is on 2014.11.7 on the bottom and it doesn’t do refresh.

So I went to preference section double checked “Import from eBay” is on and “Category Data” is up to date also clicked “forget deleted auctions” and import them from eBay again.

Still it doesn’t show my running auction status.

Also I downloaded the latest Garage Sale on Mac 6.9.1 and tried to sync with (share with Garage Sale) mac’s GS but shows no sync code on the mac.

Please check it over :smile:

Hi Kyle_K,

did you already try to hit the reload button in the running section?

Also, you maybe have to refresh your eBay token in the GarageSale preferences (if not done already).

Regards, Kristian