"Open eBay Apps program is shutting down in November 2018". Will this affect GS ?!

“eBay cares about our buyers and sellers, as well as our developer community. In 2016, eBay introduced Seller Hub to provide better support for professional sellers on eBay and, at the same time, we have been investing in and reinvigorating the eBay Developers Program with new APIs and technology. We have continued to build on these new platforms to provide great experiences for buyers, sellers, and developers. In recent years, however, eBay’s ability to maintain the eBay Apps Center (Open eBay Apps) program and support participants, such as you, has declined. For business reasons, eBay has decided to end the program completely.”

“Open eBay Apps” are applications directly embedded in the eBay.com website interface. They can take advantage of eBay’s subscription process and Managed Billing Platform.

GarageSale is not an “Open eBay App” and so it’s not affected by the shut-down.

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ok, thank you very much

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