Order Search Not Working for Item Title

Searching for Item Title on the Orders Screen does not show any results. Look at an order on the screen then put its item title in the search box and nothing is returned. This feature would resolve issues I have when I can’t find an item in my inventory (34,000 items) for which I have a sale. If the search worked, it might show whether it was previously sold. V8.4 (1318)

Sorry, it seems something broke with indexing order titles and we didn’t notice. A temporary fix goes like this:

  1. In GarageSale, choose “Help” > “Show Library Folder”
  2. Locate the “GarageSale-FTSIndex.leveldb” directory
  3. Quit GarageSale
  4. Move the “GarageSale-FTSIndex.leveldb” directory to the Trash
  5. Restart GarageSale.

We’ll investigate what exactly broke and how we could fix it.

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Thanks! The Temp fix worked.

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