Ordering of Smart Groups

I love the Smart Groups now that GS is running at full speed for me.
I do find it hard to easily select a Smart Group now that I have over 30 of them and they are initially unsorted.

I know I can manually order them by moving them but it it would be nice to do so automatically. Secondly, the more I add the less useful the HOME button becomes as my Listings are almost scrolled off the screen.

Would it be possible to put the Smart Groups IN a Group that could be minimised and maximised as required. Maybe sorted as well?


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You can sort the CONTENT of an smart group but you can’t sort your list of smart groups in the SAMRT GROUPS section. For now you need to sort/move them manually. If you have a large list of smart groups that can get a bit challenging, I can imagine.

It’s not clear to me what you mean with “HOME button”, unfortuantely. Can you be more specific? You can hide/show the smart section, did you notice that already?

Putting a smart group INSIDE a group is not possible at the moment and I assume that this has technical reason.

Regards, Kristian