Orders detail menus not showing up in V9

The detail menu that I enter actual shipping and item cost is gone.


can you please make a screenshot which menu you are referring to exactly?


No detail on right to tell me if I am making money.

Is it the “Inspector” sidebar that you are missing or the menu that appears if you click on the arrow icon next to “3x$6.95”?

The Inspector can be toggled by clicking on the “Inspector” icon in GarageSale’s toolbar.

Regards, Kristian

Nothing happens when I click on the inspector icon, have tried it before.

That’s odd.
What macOS version do you use?

When you place your mouse cursor on the very right edge of GarageSale’s main window does the cursor change to a “resize” symbol? If yes, press the left mouse button, keep it pressed and move the cursor to the left.
Does this make the Inspector to re-appear?

Regards, Kristian

Yes that worked, I moved to the right but not to left and it worked.

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