Orders doesn't have full eBay fees under Managed Payments

Finally forced to switch to manage Payments.

I noticed after I had a few sales in Managed Payments that my totals did not add up with my record keeping data pulled from GarageSale. After clicking around eBay Sellers Hub I found that eBay is Charging a .30¢ for processing payments. That 30¢ does not show up anywhere in GarageSale.

Paypal used to charge a Transaction Fee, but now eBay is under Managed Payments its eBay that get the Transaction Fee.

I understand why its not showing up in GarageSale Orders but is there a way to account for this in a future update?

It’s on the list, and we wich we already had it. In order to get any information regarding managed payments, we need to switch to completely new eBay API, which is built differently than previous eBay APIs and offers some additional challenges for desktop applications like GarageSale, which are always online (very short token expiration intervals).

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