Orders Sidebar - Search product?

Is there any other way to show orders instead of by name and date i.e. title of item sold? I’m unable to search and find orders. I don’t know or remember name of people I’ve sold to.

In the GarageSale preferences > Orders you can change “Orders Title” to “Listing Title”.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks. That worked for sorting, but the search field will not turn up results if I type a product name i.e. sony walkman. Even when I use “all fields” and “whole world search” it will not return anything. It will search and find buyer names reliably but nothing on product searches.

I’m finding the search field in orders completely useless. I can type in something I see in orders i.e. “Sony” and it will return “no results.” I often look up old listings of similar items to see what they sold for. In 6.8 I could double clikc a completed item to see what it sold for, customer name etc…Now I can’t. I assumed that a search on “orders” should work in a similar fashion but it doesn’t. It doesn’t show any results at all.Really frustrating. Please let me know if I am missing something here.

Is the product name, in this case “sony walkman” part of the listing title?

Yes in the title. It will not return results in title.

Sorry, you are right. Seems the listing title is not indexed for search yet. We’ll scratch our heads how to best add it quickly.

Yes, searching Orders by Listing Title would be very helpful and useful.

Yes, very welcome feature! It’s a while I was thinking about reporting it…

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