Orders Tab Red Circle Meaning? Waiting for Payment?

In our orders menu tab the shopping cart has a red circle with a number in it. Can’t figure out what this means in GS7. Is it a holdover from the days of GS6 when orders remained flagged with a circle in GS as ‘unread’ until clicking on the order. Also, can we have that feature back? Makes it much easier to figure out which data goes with which order when reconciling the fees in our record papers for each transaction.

Also, the Waiting for Payment section of the orders shows 564 items waiting for payment. There is no way we’ve had anywhere near that number of unpaid transactions. Appears the orders date from between 2012 and 2016, with one in early 2017 also. Is there anything we can do to correct this data, or should we just delete it all and forget about it?

numbered red circle

These are the numbers of orders you haven’t clicked on in GarageSale. So, basically new orders as new mails in Mail.app.

Great, but I don’t see any type of indicator for which orders have been clicked on, and which have not. Is there a ‘Mark All as Read’ type option that I am missing? Otherwise, it seems the only way to clear it is to potentially click through the thousands of orders until the shopping card circled number goes away.

As stated before, in GS6 there was a small circle next to each order that had not been clicked on. Was helpful to us for our paper record-keeping, but that feature seems to be missing in GS7.

Look the icon of the chart on the left of each order. If it is greyed, it is not clicked.

Probably pressing cmd-A, selecting all orders… but I never tried this.

OK, I see it now. The diagonal grey lines in the cart to indicate unread are WAY TOO subtle. How about a solid black cart for unread? Or some other visible color for the entire cart?

Also, there is no way to sort this area of GS. Sort by Date and Read/Unread might be nice.

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