Organising groups in GS

I seem to spend a lot of time in GS duplicating items and moving them to different folders and often just sat twiddling my thumbs while the ball spins for my entertainment. Maybe it is just me and the way I organise listings but I wonder if GS can be improve in this area?

Love to hear your thoughts on this guys.

Below is a mock set up of how I organise my groups.

I keep my active or ready for listing items in a different area to the items I have sold.

There are 2 reasons for doing so.

  1. If I keep them in the same group, there is a danger that items sold will be re-listed. Sometimes I have more that one copy of an item but frequently not. Arrival of new stock may change that of course.

  2. If a sold item is re-listed, the original will end up in “trash” which I frequently empty to reduce the size of my data base. I would then lose the sold item link to the “order”.

Current set up

It seems to me that if GS didn’t automatically list sold items then a single group could hold sold, active and prepared listings.

As below.


Keeping thousands of goods that need to be relisted is undoubtedly an extensive and complicated work!! Personally I put all sold items together, so no folders and subfolders for sold, all in the same one, but I know it might be different from you since I use only GTC and, after listing, I forgot them in the output folder (each item has a unique code like ABC123 and will stay into the folder ABC correspondent). It’s hard to consider a solution to manage them every 30 days… when I had relist feature enabled in the past, I was used that expired listings were moved to trash automatically and in the same place a new active one was left. Now that everything is GTC, I really cannot find any practical solution to do all this manually… apart waiting as you already do…

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