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Hi Group

Ok, so i have been a user for several years although have never really used GS to its full potential as just used it to list and run templates, never managed ebay through the overview tab/section etc etc… Now, i have set up multiple ebay accounts and have started to review the overview section and am having some troubles identifying WTF is going on: allow me to explain a little more:

Version: GS7.0.5 (783)
Mac OSX V10.11.6 El Capitan (spock i hope)

Quirky things:

  1. Shopping cart (order icon) icon on main screen showing infinite symbol and not values of how many
  2. In Orders screen there is ZERO ready to ship although i have 3 orders ready to leave… have double clicked as per some forum notes on the smart folder and clicked ok although still shows ZERO
  3. In the overview panel (where it shows my ebay accounts) it shows how many new orders there are (128) which is incorrect by many and also shows ZERO Needs to be shipped (this can vary from problem 2 - sometimes the smart folder shows 2 or 3 but this overview section always shows ZERO)

Thats it for a starter, would love this to work as this dashboard would be awesome for multiple account holders - if accurate… Have looked for handbook or instructions although its very limited in its advice, unless i am not seeing the correct info or links…

Any guidance is appreciated, insights or ways to refresh this to get it operations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

If you have more than a certain number (If I recall correctly, > 1000) of unread orders (means not clicked in GarageSale), the infiniti symbol is shown.

Most likely the smart group rule does not match the order. Can you please post screenshots of your “Ready To Ship” rule (double-click the smart group to see it), and one of the orders that is supposed to appear in the smart group, but doesn’t?

I agree, that is probably related to problem #2.

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