Package Details & Multi Changes

We are using GarageSale 6.9.8b1 and our listings are not holding the package details even after we save or list on eBay. When we go back to relist we need to add the package details allover again. We have around 600 active listing and around 1500 total so far in auction templates and growing. We can’t keep going back and adding any details. That’s why we left eBay’s Turbo Lister. We just made a multi change on our payment options and it erased all our SKU # from does templates.

Where do you enter package details?

From the edit shipping options

We also can’t add more than one image at a time. If we add two or more it crashes GS. Is there a fix for this?

We believe to have fixed this error with Beta 2 of GS 6.9.8:

Can you give more details about how you add these picture? Are you in editor or preview mode? Are you using drag & drop or an “Add Image” menu command. Also, I don’t see any crash report for version 6.9.8 Beta 1. Do you get the panel that prompts you to send crash information after each crash?

Yes, we are drag & dropping the images

Is this in preview (approximation of what the listing should look like on eBayor edit mode (separate boxes for html code and pictures)? There is toggle button in the toolbar to switch between these modes:

We are using the drop zone