Package dimensions not being sent to eBay

I recently turned on eBay shipping discounts. A bug with that feature is that when using Ground Advantage or Priority Mail, you must have the box dimensions listed with your listing or the item defaults to 1 pound. I used GarageSale to do this - updating the dimensions of the box with each listing. And sadly none of that work shows up on eBay. It does if I turn eBay discounted shipping off. But not with it on. :frowning:

I use Endicia for Mac which has the same discounts [sometimes over 50% off on shipping so if buyers are looking at the same thing from different sellers, I want to be able to offer the same discounted shipping other sellers do since if I don’t the price can be very significant].

But now I am having to go through all my listings using Ebay’s website to fix the dimensions as I am losing a lot of money on shipping due to the weight not being used on eBay’s site when I don’t have the dimensions plugged in. So having GS send the box dimensions even when the seller has discounted shipping enabled, would be a time and money saver for me. Thanks. Using GS 9.7.4

Are you saying that the package dimensions do instantly show up (in a live listing) if you turn off eBay discounted shipping? In other words the package dimensions actually are transferred to eBay but eBay ignores them if discounted shipping is enabled?

If I revise a listing that does not have package dimensions, and I have ebay shipping discounts turned on, then those dimensions are not sent to eBay. If I turn them off, after turning them on, the live listing still does not have the dimensions but the weight of the item is accurate [this part is the ebay bug - if using ebay discounted shipping, you must always provide weight and dimensions, or ebay will default the item to 1 pound for some reason].

I need to enter inventory and see if entering/listing an item still has this issue or if it is just the revise feature that does. When revising, I am selecting only “shipping options” - that has worked when revising the weight, so I assumed it would work when adding dimensions too. Is that the correct item to use to update dimensions?

Just a quick update. I’ve have non-biz issues lately so I haven’t been able to do much with eBay lately, but I just listed a fresh listing that has package dimensions, and is listed with Ground Advantage USPS, and uses the eBay discounted shipping.

When doing a new listing, the price of the shipping is correct as the dimensions of the box are in fact sent to eBay. So for sure the weight and dimensions are being sent when creating a new listing. For me, it seems the dimensions are not being sent when I update an existing listing that lacked dimensions in the first place [and Ground Advantage was selected as the ship type].

So for new listings, things are working well. For my GS database for items that I failed to have dimensions on [I now have a rule to have a box size set for every item that is being offered Ground Advantage - most of my store is media and Media Mail doesn’t care about box size], I have to go to eBay’s website to update each listing manually with the box dimensions. Hope that makes sense.

I just ran a sample of 2 listings and it should easily take care of your issue. Bulk highlight the listings in GS that you want to update the package size. Click on the words “Package details” and make your changes and hit the revise button. GS makes the changes on ebay. Hint: you can do this with all or as many at a time that you highlight in GS.
Screen Shot 2024-05-15 at 7.09.46 AM

Could you please export such a listing and send it to us. Maybe something comes up in the logs or the debugger during re-listing, that provides clues what’s going on here.

Sadly the suggestion you gave won’t work for me since the package dimensions are not being sent to eBay and also since the listings do not have the same weight or box size. The only way I was able to fix the items was to use the eBay website and type the box dimensions there [the weight had successfully been sent to ebay when I created the listings, but I had failed to use box dimensions which wasn’t an issue until I enabled eBay discounted shipping]

I found a listing which lacked dimensions and I added them and updated the listing via GS, but it did not get updated. :frowning: I will figure a way to export the listing and e.mail it to support

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