Page Not Responding error from ebay - Product Information

After selecting an item from Product Information, I am unable to view the details while in Garage Sale and prior to Starting a Listing. I can view the Product Information in eBay after the listing has been submitted, but not prior. I receive the error message “Page Not Responding The eBay page or feature you are attempting to access is not responding”

Once the Listing has been started, I am able to view the Product Information on eBay.

I am using GarageSale 7.0.7 on Mac OS X El Capitan

Does this happen with the eBay USA site selected?

What product are you trying to list?

Yes, my problem happens when I have USA site selected and it happens with any Product Information product I try to view. Here is the error I receive when I try to view the Production Information before the template is sent to eBay. Note, in this particular case I was trying to view details in Product Information for an Apple iPad.

Kathy De La Cruz

Any one have this similiar problem. I’m no expert, but it seems the error is eBay response to Garage Sale. The error indicates I might be using a bookmark to get to eBay’s “PRODUCT INFORMATION”. Any suggestions would be appreciated. This is a big time waste for me because I can’t see the details in PRODUCT INFORMATION until the item has been STARTED and then if the details don’t match my item, I have to edit the item and delete PRODUCT INFORMATION.

Yes this happens when USA site is selected.

The error happens no matter what product I’m trying to obtain information from with PRODUCT INFORMATION.

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