Page views and watchers not updating to GS

As you can see in my screen shot none of my views or watchers are updating. I refreshed token, restarted GS, and hit the update listing button and no change. This is ALL listings not just one

having the same problem here

I am hoping this can get fixed because I search according to number of watchers and views and make decisions on whether to end and relist or let the listing run another month.

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Yes, I do too. I suspect it’s a minor change in the called function name. Most folks might not notice it.

Interestingly, some of the data does seem to update for some of my listings, but not the ones I have launched since updating to 9.0.2

No views recorded after 4/30/22 and 1 watcher recorded on 5/2.

I have noticed this also, but I think it is related to the eBay 2022 Spring Seller Update:

See section: Listing page views overview

Starting “in late April 2022”…

“We’re updating to a more accurate way of counting listing page views”
“More accurate listing view counts”


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This is likely why GS isn’t picking up views or watchers.
eBay 2022 Spring Seller Update:
“We want you to have listing traffic data that shows as accurately as possible how many buyers have seen your listings. That’s why, in late April 2022, we’ll be updating how we count and report listing page views.
The current page view numbers on your listings count various types of traffic, including a significant amount of non-human traffic—one example is programs called “bots” that scan websites and now account for approximately 40% of internet traffic.* Learn more about non-human traffic and bots in the Listing Page Views FAQs tab.”

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