Part Fitment No Longer working in version 9

Today we updated to version 9, however we found that the ebay imported part fitment data with the version 9 update does not display correctly. As an example in the below photo the variation field shows the same data for each car of a given year, making it not possible to correctly select the needed part fitments. (Within ebay this is titled as the “Trim” field of their part fitment tables and is what is needed to be displayed within gargesales selection screen)
Additionally, even selecting the vehicles from this list, the listing is not able to be correctly started with version 9 as an incompatibility error comes up regarding the data for the part fitments. If a listing is started, no part fitment data is uploaded with the listing to ebay.

Example of ebay part fitment table data.

Within version 8.4.1 the data was displayed correctly (not without some issues) and was able to be used. An attached example of 8.4.1 is shown below. We have needed to step back to version 8.4.1 as the part fitments is essential for all of our listings.

We have had to create posts about errors with this feature in the past, while most, not all problems had been resolved in previous versions, the current version 9 in not usable. Hope to see an update to correct this issue quickly. Thank You


can you export the template that you encounter the error in GarageSale 9? Additional, Can you send a screenshot of the whole panel, not just the found vehicles? So I may be able to reproduce this here.


Attached photo showing entire part fitment screen . Note that the data in the lower half, selected vehicle section of the screen is previous data selected for this listing when using 8.4.1 If we were to make any changes to selected vehicles from the center window, it would display those within the lower window as shown in the middle and not upload correctly to ebay. Even without any changes to vehicles, the listing will not upload with existing part fitment data. But within 8.4.1 it will upload correctly.

This issue is present on all of our listing templates with version 9. I attempted to upload an exported template, but it is not uploading to this forum post.

Can you maybe remove the images and upload the exported listing then? Or just send the template as an attachment to our support.

Which category you are listing in? And which eBay site?

If I get you right, you are basically saying you need the Trim value to compare the different Corvette types. And you get an error from eBay when starting such a listing with GS 9 which you do not get with GS8? Can you send me the exact error you get?

I will send the template file to the customer support email as even without photos it still will not load as a post attachment. Listing in ebay motors. Issue present in any category that accepts part fitment data.

Yes, the Trim value (As ebay calls it) does not show the same information as the GS Variation field so the correct vehicle can not be selected. (In fact the GS table shows the same value for multiple cars. If for example in version 9 you select a 1990 Chevrolet corvette, each variation shows the same data, this is shown in one of my earlier screen shots above, so GS is not pulling the information from ebay correctly)

As for the errors I have two examples below. This first example is when trying to start a listing with the previous part fitment data already entered in the template when being created in version 8 or earlier and then attempting to start with version 9. (Many errors due to many part fitment choices)

This second error is from the same template, when all previous part fitments are deleted and new ones within version 9 are selected. (Note, in this case I limited my part selections to only a single year of corvette so that is why there are less errors. In doing this I will also note that for example a 1990 Corvette will have 3 variation options, but only 2 were able to be added as selected vehicles, another issue in the GS part fitment window)


here is the link to a special version with a complete overhaul of the part fitments panel. You should be able to select more filters. If a vehicle seems to be equal, there is a tooltip that lists all the values that eBay returns. So you may be able to compare the vehicles.

Also, it may be necessary to delete all your current selected compatible vehicles. Please have a try:


Thank you for the updated version. This is functional, however we really need some modifications.
In order to use we do have to delete out existing compatible vehicles and re-select the data. For us, this means updating thousands of existing listing templates which we can do overtime, but the updated layout of the parts fitment window in this beta version requires, well, too much clicking.

Can you please revert the filtering fields to work as previous versions, by Make > Model > Year with trim options in the “Found Vehicles” sections so we can easily select multiple vehicles at a time.

The way this new version works by going Year > Make > Model > Trim, requires more work/clicks to get all vehicles selected. Especially when selecting each vehicle year then requires the make and model to be reselected again. If this can be reverted back to the old method of filtering it will be a much easier and less time consuming experience on the end user.

Also a note, please check that all the filtering fileds have the ability to type a letter to skip forward in the list. (How you can type C to jump to the beginning of the C’s in the list) The Model field in the updated version is not working for this feature.

Thank You


this is exactly the feedback that I was afraid of. I will think of a way to fix this, but the new eBay API makes it much more difficult to accomplish that.

The fix here was that we have all the values from the new eBay that we need to upload one specific vehicle (that was the long error you get back from the API). So you have to select the Trim, too. A reason why this may not sounds complicated to you but in fact is, that the last value (in your case the Trim) is different from category to category (some actually has no trim and no engine) and are named differently on each eBay site.

Let me try to come up with an easier UI for you. But keep in mind that this is only one click more for the last filter value…


Understood there are behind the scenes issues that make the programing become more complicated.
If at a minimum we could filter by Make > Model > Then the Year it will help. The current filtering isn’t just one more click, having year be first creates the need to reselect Make and Model for each different year vehicle which really slows the process down.
In selling car parts, a part will normally be applicable for a specific make and model over a given year range so selecting in that order will help the UI move faster.
Thanks for your efforts

OK, I think I could come up with a solution that retains most of the old user interface but fixes the issues you had with the 9.0 releases:

Please have a try:

You should try both

  • newly created listings with new vehicles added (with the version above)
  • exported GS8 listings, imported into the version above but left unchanged


Paul, Thank you. This version will work.

With newly created listings and new vehicle data added it works correctly.

For exported GS8 listings, or any existing listings with vehicle data already present it does not work and we will have to update our templates by deleting vehicle information and adding it back in, which is some work for us, but with the changes you have made in this latest version the process of doing so will be much easier than the first version provided.

Thank you for your efforts and quick turn around.


can you send me such a GS8 listing that is not working (in GS9)? Maybe I can find out why it did work in GS8 but does not in GS9.


Paul, I will send a listing to your support email since they were not uploading here correctly.
I did some more testing and am finding mixed results with existing listings working with previous vehicle data without updating

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