Password Reset GS PRO

Can you advise how to get a new password for my GS Pro Account? The button to send a new password is not working as far as I can tell and I receive no email confirmation. We canot list any items until it is fiixed as we cannot use the image service so stuck in a catch 22.

I just sent out the Reset Password email once again.

I also replied to your previous support mail yesterday (and to the one from today). Could it be that our mails gets trap in your mail spam folder?

Regards, Kristian

There seems to be an issue with your mail account. We get this message in reply:

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its

recipients. This is a permanent error.

retry timeout exceeded

Thanks Kristian,
Your emails are not getting into mail server … (?) can you direct to you have used this previously.
Thank you

… I have also whitelisted emails in legal@… so hopefully Spam Assassin will let them through. Something changed and I am not sure what; but hope this works.

I just sent out the Reset Password email another time to your “legal@” email address.

Hope this helps,

You might want to white-list your "" server for iwascoding mails as well, if not done already.

We still got a “retry timeout exceeded” message in reply.

Regards, Kristian


you email is giving our server issues since years. There are always multiple retries needed to successfully send it out. We almost always get a “Connection timed out” error. Our server is giving up sending the email after multiple retries and after multiple days (I think it is configured as one week). So there is definitely something wrong with your email server. Are you using DynDNS? Which provider are you using? Are all the DNS entries correctly configured.

Maybe the easiest way is to use an alternative email address if you can’t figure out what is wrong with you server.


I have checked with our provider and cannot trace the issue.

Send to

Can you please contact our support using this email address? This way we can test if you receive our mails using that email address at all.

Regards, Kristian

I have sent you an email … I also received the Iwascoding Help Summary at this address on 12 March … Can you check and revert please

As far as I can see no email from your new talentscout address arrived in our support system.
(We only got around 10 more “retry timeout exceeded” messages from your other mails addresses in the last days.)

Can you please try it again and send a mail to the GarageSale support once again?

Regards, Kristian

I have sent two emails from talentscout, so hopeful that they get through. I have also update my ‘whitelist’ for my Spam Filter to allow emails.

Have sent emails to garagesale@ and support@ and haven’t received a reply.

Hi I have reset the SPF credentials on the mail server and emails should now work …

Our Mail Server provider has not put a temporary Allow on your IP Address. Can you try the email again …

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