Pasting Black Text over black Text suddenly turn grey. Why?

pond an interesting problem. changing some text in my listing, which was already black, but pasting new text over it, which was selected and turned black before pasting.

but after pasting it turns grey… Why…? very puzzled.

means I spend hours masking around correcting what should have been a simply 100+ auctions to correct.
regards, Sandy

Instead of using cmd-v to paste use “Paste and match style” from the Edit menu. For usual this produces better results.

Regards, Kristian

Oh…WOW… never knew… works great…
thanks again, Sandy

P.s. is there any way I can edit the keyboard short cut to make it command shift v… (like Photoshop)???

(had a Power Saw accident 10 years ago, and had my hand re-assembled… some fingers don’t work as good as they should)

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