Payment Instructions - How To Edit?

I have some legacy listings that I need to update the payment instructions (There used to be a text box you could edit in the payment options). That is no longer there - is there another way to access it so I can delete the text? I can list the items, it’s just that I get the warning message “Payment Instructions are not supported for eBay-managed payments”

Many thanks for any help.


You can remove the deprecated payment instructions from your legacy listings by just running the following script:

// Find and delete Payment Instructions
function run(){
	for (const listing of selectedListings) {
		consoleLog("\nListing Title: '" + listing.title + "'");
		if (listing.paymentInstructions) {
			consoleLog("• Payment instructions found: '" + listing.paymentInstructions + "'");
			// Delete payment instructions:
			listing.paymentInstructions = "";
			consoleLog("• Payment instructions deleted!");
		else {
			consoleLog("• No payment instructions found.");

Insert that script in GarageSale script editor window and hit the “Run” button.
(Select Show Script Editor Window from GarageSale’s Window menu to open the script editor.)

Please see the help here to learn more about this feature:

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Excellent! many thanks for the help.


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