Payment Policies

I have started using the Business Policies just in case eBay ever decides that they are mandatory.

They seem to be working well except for the payment policy. I have a default Payment policy with just PayPal as the payment method.

When I use that one I always get an error that says “PayPal Payment Method Added. PayPal added as a payment method because you have set your preferences to offer PayPal on all listings.”

I can’t find where in preferences to adjust it so I will stop getting this message. I can still start the listing, but it is just an annoyance.

What can I do to correct whatever GS is looking for?


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Same thing is happening to me. Sure would like to know how to stop it.

As far as I can tell that’s an eBay message, not a GarageSale message.
It seems you activated that option on the “My eBay” website.

Regards, Kristian

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