PayPal address missing NEED HELP

Good afternoon,
I downloaded GS7 yesterday tried listing one item to see if it would work and it did but 45 minutes later when I tried to list again it came out with the paypal address missing I did all of the steps that I saw in the other forums even went and logged everything out of everything in key change access and nothing. I even called apple care and showed them and to look for eBay token on keychain access and there was nothing about eBay token and even deleted everything in keychain and still got the message…

been trying to just upload things. Not my year
Please help

Forgive me if you’ve done this piece, but I just want to make sure you did or do.

When you go to GarageSale -> Preferences, you should see a pane on the left with your eBay name. In the larger section, to the right, there should be a button that says eBay and one that says PayPal.

Directly under that, there is a field labeled “PayPal Email Address.” Is that blank or does it have your PayPal email address in it?

This is an error message from eBay. It means that the PayPal address you have entered in GarageSale’s preferences is not linked with your PayPal account on the My eBay website.

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