Paypal Fees Not Appearing in Reports

I have read through the other postings on this very matter but cannot find a solution. I remove my api credentials since I’ve been using the same ones since 2013. I copied and pasted the new password and signature but when I tested the connection, I received the error message

Security header is not valid

Now, I remember this very same fight in 2013 and every time before that. I remember it taking days of fighting with the program to get it to work. The information is all correct, yet I continue to receive this error message. I knew I should not have changed this info but I thought it was time for an update.

We just upgraded to Garage Sale Pro.

Can you please help? We just got our ebay selling back up after being down for 13 months because we made a major move across country and spent this whole month setting up everything (ugh).

Is there maybe an extra line or invisible character in the PayPal field in the GarageSale Preferences>Accounts>PayPal? In most cases this can be solved, by clicking on the PayPal fields, pressing Command-A followed by the Delete key and re-entering (pasting) the data.

It might also have to do with the systen keychain:
Remove your eBay account from the GarageSale preferences > Accounts, restart your Mac and then re-add your eBay account.

If this won’t help, please give this a try:
Quit GarageSale if running.
Open the macOS “Keychain Access” application and enter “GarageSale eBay Account” in the search field. (If you don’t find anything try it with “ebay token”.)
Right-click on the eBay account token in the Keychain and select “Delete”.
If done, restart your Mac, start GarageSale and add/refresh your eBay access tokens and PayPal details in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian. I do remember the trouble years ago and the solution seemed to be to give the system time to update. However, I changed my password for Paypal and now I get the error message that user name/password not correct.
I cannot for the life of me, find a place in GS to update my Paypal password. Because of all this, my account in GaragePay has been wiped clean and it has been tagged with “invalid credentials”.

I assume this is all because I changed my password. I just can’t find where to update it.

Every time I test the paypal connection in GS Pro, it says ‘user name/password incorrect, make sure you entered the right Paypal settings in preferences’. There is no place in “preferences” to put in the Paypal password.

Also, since all my past transactions have been erased, I added a “new” account to Garage Pay with my api credentials that I just got today. This says that my api username is incorrect. I have two different problems since getting new credentials; one in GS and one in GP. sigh…

I just can’t find where to update my Paypal password.

OKAY, I just changed my password back to the old one. Still, nothing works.

in GS, it says SECURITY HEADER NOT VALID. I received that same message years ago when I first purchased GS. I would have thought that issue would have been fixed by now.

in GP, the error message is UPI USER NAME IS WRONG.

It was incredibly stupid of me to have updated. Now nothing works.

I have the GS Pro and using it on imac 10.12.6 Sierra. Do I need an OS update to use this?

In GarageSale you don’t enter your standard PayPal password. In general you only need to enter your PP email address.
Only if you want to use PayPal tracking, you need to enter your PP API credentials:

  1. Log into your Business PayPal account on the PayPal website.
  2. Click on Profile (top right) > Account Settings > My Selling Tools (left hand table)
  3. Click ‘Update’ next to API access.
  4. Click option 2 ‘View API Signature’.
  5. Copy the API Username, the API Password and the Signature values

For more info about the PayPal API Signature please visit the PayPal Help.

Regards, Kristian

Yes, I did all that but I still keep getting the same error messages. In GP is says the upi username is not correct and in GS8 is still says that the security header is not valid. I do not know what a security header is. I have copied/pasted and typed this information over and over again with the same error messages. I need PP tracking so I am desperate to get this working.

I am having the same problem in GS 8.0.11 (not Pro). Since upgrading to GS 8, PayPal fees are no longer being tracked in the Orders section. How do I fix this? This has always worked in the past and I do not have a PayPal business account and never have.

I don’t want to upgrade to a PayPal business account just to have my PayPal fees tracked by GS. Is this a bug in GS 8?

Have you checked your PayPal account credentials ins GarageSale’s preferences? Maybe they did not correctly import from GS 7?

What credentials are there to check? I can’t use the PayPal API info because I don’t have a PayPal business account. I believe I had a Premier account originally but they phased those out several years ago, according to the PayPal forums. I have only a Personal account.

The only PayPal info I have input into GS is my email address, and it is correct.

This is odd. GarageSale downloads the PayPal fees from the PayPal API, as they are not provided through the eBay API.

How you ever saw PayPal fees for your orders in GarageSale 7, without going through the PayPal API, is beyond me.

So what you’re basically telling me is that I have to upgrade to a PayPal business account if I want PayPal fees to be included again?

I vaguely recall inputting the PayPal API credentials when I had a premier account, but since PayPal apparently no longer offers premier, I lost whatever functionality I had after moving to GS 8.

I’m wishing I never upgraded to GS 8.

I don’t think GarageSale is to blame for this. We didn’t change a single piece of the PayPal integration between GS7 and GS8.

If PayPal decides to discontinue a certain account option, this would effect GS 7 and GS 8 in the same way. There’s not much we can do about it.

Yes, that was a bit harsh.

All I know is it my PayPal fees stopped showing up in both Orders and Reports as soon as I upgraded to GS 8. Every sale I’ve made since upgrading is missing the PayPal fee info.

I don’t want to switch to a PayPal business account, the disadvantages of it far outweigh the advantages, hence my annoyance at this change.

Either everyone else here using GS 8 has a PayPal business account or they don’t care about tracking PayPal fees anyway.

How about modifying GS 8 to allow manual calculations for PayPal fees? Right now I can’t enter anything into those fields in the Orders section, it just says “No Selection” in greyed out letters. They aren’t editable fields.

PayPal fees are a standard formula of 3.7% + $0.30 on every domestic sale (I don’t sell outside the U.S.). Could there be a preference in place and a button for calculating this manually?

I’ll put this on the list, but it sounds easier to do than it is.

Right now, GarageSale is storing the fee in the “fee” column of its internal database of PayPal transactions. So, in the current architecture, there’s no place to store the manual entered fee, without a PayPal transaction backing up the eBay order.

OK, thank you for your consideration. It complicates my bookkeeping substantially not to have the PayPal fees automatically calculated for me, but I understand it won’t be easy to implement.

All my PayPal fees are in a report that I monthly download from PayPal. The report is exactly what I am charged by PayPal and not a close calculation. Paypal and quickbooks use different rounding methods so you never can accurately know exactly what happened so a report from PayPal is the best way to get the exact bookkeeping figures.