PayPal Fees Not Included in Report

When I create reports, the PayPal fees are not being populated. To troubleshoot the issue, I removed the API information I had been using, generated a new API information, entered that information, and verified the connection between PayPal and GarageSale. I then updated all listings and fees, but the PayPal fees did not appear. Then, I closed out GarageSale, reopened it, updated all listings and fees, and ran a report–still, no fees in the report. I also changed my listing update setting from manual to every five minutes, allowed 24 hours for updating, and the fees have yet to appear. If anyone has insight into how to fix this issue, I would appreciate the help.


Do you see the corresponding PayPal transactions when you open the Accounts window and open the PayPal tab?

Similar here, PayPal Fees are not populated. However Paypal fees are not in the fee reports either when logging in at the eBay website. Perhaps it has to do with the splitting up of PayPal and eBay? Perhaps the PayPal fees have to come from a different source now?

Do you see the corresponding PayPal transactions when you open the Accounts window from the Windows menu and choose the PayPal tab there?

No. However your suggestion has led to a possible cause: although my PayPal account is coupled to my bank account, the method for paying to eBay is by bank withdrawal.

Have you entered your PayPal account security signature into GarageSale’s preferences? Without that extra information, GarageSale cannot download PayPal fees from eBay.

No, but have entered it now. Thanks! Peter

7 days later: and PayPal fees are in the reports now :slight_smile:

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