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It ran pretty fast, but THANKS - Non Ancora Inserta means does not exist or not yet entered = not yet edited, something like that? You have a massive inventory!

It means not yet started. On top bar, click over help > icon (second from top) and you will find differences between the different listing icons so you can immediately recognize if a listing is started/sold/expired/not yet started

AND… sorry but I am still quite sure there is something wrong in your shipping, I was able to see your listing only from mobile and it seems you excluded Europe and other country… can you post a link of a listing or better a screenshot of your shipping panel? I spent months over shipping for identical matter and am quite sure your listing are only visibile from US customers (if you do not want international buyer of course forget this message)

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P.S. and welcome

Apparently, that is eBay Ireland - I don’t really know why I’m logged into it…

I’m not offering international shipping. It’s just showing up internationally (at least in Ireland) as only offering 2 domestic, which is ok…

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I wondered earlier if I should change “Calculated” to “Flat” on International?

Why are Hawaii and Alaska not included in Domestic, I wonder?

Wait, in your last screenshot you marked as “excluded locations” all countries. Are you sure of that? It is as I supposed, you excluded locations. Pay attention that it does not mean that foreign customers can contact you asking for a shipping quite, it means that customers from those countries cannot see AT ALL your listing, this is why I currently can’t see any active listings over your account…

How the heck did Ireland slip in there?? :slight_smile:

Um, so if I INCLUDE locations on the last menu eBay will “show” my listings there, but they won’t not be offered to “ship” there?

Last thing - do you think I should change Calculated to Flat on International? does it matter?

Well, ebay shipping rules are quite complicated. I will try to do a summary:

  • if you exclude locations, all customers from those countries won’t see at all your listings, your goods won’t be shown during researches (also specific research), won’t appear as newly listed in categories, won’t be visible from other ebay site and also in US or IE sites if the customer is not registered in that country. Foreign customers are not able to see listings in your account which is instead showed as “empty”. In other words, excluding locations prevents ANY international buyer.

  • if you include locations, your listings will be visibile also from other country and your account will show active listings. Then you can choice:

a. you do not set any amount for international shipping: foreign customers can see your listing because their country is not excluded, but cannot buy because there is clearly written that they need to request a quote to the seller before

b. you set an amount: foreign customers can buy directly.

My personal advice is undoubtedly to opt for the last one, it requires more time but gives you many more possibilities to sold your goods.

Well, it depends. If “flat” means a unique shipping fee for all foreign customers, it makes no sense, but I am not able to give you a reply because I don’t know how US post works. In my situation, I set calculated shipping fee for 3 areas: Europe, Asia/Africa and America/Oceania. All customers from one country will see the same postage which is different from a customer from another continent. Hope this will make sense also for you

P.S. Anyway I don’t use GS built in shipping panel, I use shipping profiles… but it is much more complicated to explain and to do, I feel to do not recommend them for you…

Flat for international doesn’t really work if you sell unique items. If the size / shape / weight / cost of your items change by the item, doing all the figuring for international before you list is almost impossible. I sell to a lot of countries, but don’t specify a service, so people see items and can buy them, but have to ask for postage. Sometimes they ask beforehand, sometimes they just buy, but they can’t pay until you figure the shipping. This way you can figure what to do as far as the sale goes (signature confirmation, extra insurance, etc.). Sometimes people back out because they didn’t realize postage and customs would be so high, sometimes they are regular Ebayers who are used to international business. Also lets you judge what to do - international is where a lot of scammers are, I have had more then a few people from questionable places with zero feedback who joined 20 minutes ago try to order expensive stuff - I can usually dissuade them with expensive signature confirmation shipping. My two cents.

Nice tray by the way!

All great advice! You’ve helped me out a lot!

Thanks - a sleeper from Goodwill :triumph:

On to Local Pickup Only :roll_eyes::persevere:

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