Paypal - Shipping - Returns + Fresh Start

I’m just starting back to selling. Since I don’t have a lot of listings, It seems simplest to just cut and paste the from my imported GS6 listings to GS7 template. I even have to reshoot all those images, as they don’t meet eBays new requirements. The only thing I can bring forward is the copy I created.

So I want to make sure I’m using eBay and GS7 effectively and I have a lot of questions :slight_smile: Here’s the simplest one:

I give Paypal, Shipping and Return instructions on my templates - Does it make sense to repeat them to my “Options”? I’m not sure why there are two options - it actually takes a lot of work to format them in the template, since each is buried in a long scroll of properties and pasted into an window that expands to enter, then collapses. Here’s the way it looks on my template:


I am not sure if I fully understand the issue but as you probably already know these “info boxes” are optional. If you don’t find them useful simply disable them in the “Properties” Inspector. You can even hide the whole sidebar there.
If you want to keep the info boxes you should find an option to decrease the size of the info box text there, too. Maybe this already helps?

More info about “Pro Designs”:

Regards, Kristian

I don’t mind the room it takes up - I used it for a client so buyers can see policies without entering into another panel - I just want to make it consistent. I bought a template for the layout option, and it really wasn’t the easiest thing to apply, but that feature is nice to have.

It would be super-useful if we had the option to apply our paypal, shipping and returns options to the the template itself. I’ll just add that text to my options.

All this was complicated by the fact that I was attempting to learn how to use eBay business profiles. I really don’t think that’s working for me since I don’t have a huge inventory and shipping varies a lot. I didn’t realize that if you use one, you must use them on all three AND if you specify No Policy if opted in they will keep reminding you that it will be required eventually.

I just want it all to be consistent, or course.

So, here’s my new question: Will non-business account sellers be forced to use profiles “eventually”? If I could opt out today, I think that’d help me a lot.

No, if you are not a business seller (for now) you are not obligated to use the profile and of course if you do have a wide choice of shipping cost for few goods they are not useful at all. If I get what you mean, I guess that you should create sort of template with all info (shipping, returns and payment) set manually, then when you start a listing you should use the feature “duplicate listings” that create an identical template with all info already in (info boxes, payment, return, … ). You find it in the bottom left side corner of the launch control.
Hope this will help.

Is what I’m concerned about, but I guess there’s not much point of worrying. Ebay will do whatever works for them, right? So opting out will simplify my life a lot :slight_smile:

This all took me awhile to figure out.

But I can’t use listings that have run before, as that will have that listing data attached? I haven’t gotten quite that far = templates vs listings.

GS has never really worked (for me) as I think a template should, as a virtual placeholder that data “floats” over. Ideally, I’d like to be able to enter data on a spreadsheet where you could view everything in columns or a matrix and see what needs to be filled in.

Ebay doesn’t work that way, either. Looking forward to getting more comfortable with Gs7 and can us it to its fullest power :slight_smile:

Thanks, fedege…

I think this needs some clarification.
Of course, you can simply dupliacte an existing listing (no matter what the status is).
GarageSale will automatically create a “prepared” listing of it.

Please also see the manual here:

What you can also do is to create a “master” listing that contains all your settings, including your settings in the “Properties” Inspector.
Define this listings as the “master” listing in the GarageSale preferences > eBay.

Simply drag and drop the desired listing from the GarageSale listings section straight into the white box at the bottom right and GarageSale will automatically copy its settings the next time you create a new listing.

Hope this helps,

That feature would be marvelous somewhere on the front page, not buried, don’t you think?

I sent my first listings last night - still working out the kinks in “returns”

But the big question is why am I getting this notification?? This is not a duplicate, I imported this from GS6 and cut and pasted copy and took new photos - all new. Should I start using quantities? (1)!



Listings in GarageSale 7 versus Templates and auctions in GarageSale 6

We understand that some users are used to manually restarting their listings from the same auction template in GarageSale 6, until their item finally sells. For such cases, we added the ‘Duplicate Original Listing’ and ‘Move Original Listing’ options in the ‘Launch Control’ window.

There are serveral good reasons for transitition from a two-tiered approach (auction templates and auction files) to a single-tier one (listing files):

_ It’s no longer possible to start several identical listings because of eBay’s duplicate listings policy. You would would need to create separate, differing listings anyway to work around it._
_ We plan to expand GarageSale to other market platforms, where listings remain online indefinitely, or can be paused._

Some users were confused

I’m totally confused by this. A search for “Launch Control” in help turns up nothing, for starters.

I totally agree, I always said it is an indispensable feature that is surely limited in the bottom corner of the launch control

The panel that opens when you click over “start”, this one:


Yes, fedege - that’s the pre-flight window - when I’m trying to decipher GSs specs I search their terms and often get nowhere.

Do you know why I’m getting the notification about duplicates?

I’m so glad someone’s responding! Aren’t you in Spain?? Thanks for your reply!

In my opinion this is due to a sort of “slang” that comes from older version of GS. If you find something strange, I guess you should open a thread and inform the team so they will update the manual. I am honest, I hardly ever use the manual because using the app almost everyday helps you to know it better

Maybe yes, it happened also to me. Were these listings listed before? I mean, are you relisting items that you already put over ebay, or are those listings completely new? If, as I suppose, this is a relist, sometimes when GS has not fully updated listings info send you this warning, but it is yellow and not red, it means you can list anyway. Just do not pay attention to that warning.

And I am glad if I can help you somehow :slight_smile: Welcome, and no Spain, I am writing from Italy!

Have a nice evening

Old, from GS6 and haven’t listed in a very long time - I entered them all on duplicates of an existing unlisted listing. I listed 2 earlier this year, and then these 4 last night.

The manual doesn’t include ebay’s new “streamlining,” like “Refund” details no longer supported on eBay, but box still showing up in GS - That was my pre-flight problem last night.

232984247933 is the item number on the listing Mission Style Tiger Oak Double Drawer Card File Copper Dividers Original Patina Can you please give me some indication whether I should just ignore the warning?

Also, please let me know if this has anything to do with the instructions about about Listings vs Templates and possible misuse of ?

I think properties have been improved, because now when I add or edit text in properties, it opens up a box where I see the entire text. Before it was only a narrow box that I had to trust was containing the text I needed.


I don’t see your listing, I suppose it is due to an incorrect international shipping set (or did you esclude Italy?), make sure to set shipping correctly otherwise your listing does not appear on other ebay platforms.

If it appears only for some listings, yes you can ignore, otherwise if it happens every time, there is something wrong. Please can you check if garagase>preferences>orders>update orders and listings if it is set to “never”. If so, change it to whatever else and wait until GS has updated your listings, then check if the warning appears again.

It’s up int the U.S.

But not visible from here, also on, it means that @scoutshouse did not set correctly international shipping (or excluded my country).

Hi fedege and fly -

I figured out: it’s just being shown on .ie site - wherever that is, I’m not totally sure - but if you look at the shipping details it only shows the domestic I selected. So it still gets shown outside of the US, but an International buyer would have to contact me and ask if I’m willing to ship.

I’m fine with that at the moment - I’m offering Free shipping now to reduce the risk of making a mistake in the black art of shipping.

On the other topic - I went to preferences, and it’s set to update every 60 minutes. Should I change that?



Again, I’m still not quite understanding the difference between these two instructions:
In GarageSale 7, a listing can only be used once to start a listing on eBay. If you wish to start an identical eBay listing, you need to duplicate the listing first. and a lengthy explanation of WHY - maybe the key word here is simply “Duplicate?” and I’m complicating it


We understand that some users are used to manually restarting their listings from the same auction template in GarageSale 6, until their item finally sells. For such cases, we added the ‘Duplicate Original Listing’ and ‘Move Original Listing’ options in the ‘Launch Control’ window.

I still don’t see ‘Duplicate Original Listing’ and ‘Move Original Listing’ options in the ‘Launch Control’ window - maybe because I still don’t really understand what Launch Control is… :slight_smile:


Sorry ilja and kristian - it must be frustrating to deal with people who obviously didn’t read the manual from start to finish - I have to google so many terms everyday, and rely on the manual as a search tool, with varying degrees of success.

It’s easier to do than to explain. Create a new listing and click on “start” button on the top bar. A new window will open, it’s called “launch control”. Over the launch control you can see if there is any warning for your listing. In the bottom right corner there are two buttons: start listings and delete. On the opposite corner, bottom left side, there are little icons:


  • Click over the first one (that with +): selecting this option will duplicate the listing automatically as soon as after you start that listing. The new one will be identical to the previous one, but of course is still inactive. This option gives you the possibility to keep a sort of “template” from which you start as many listings as you want, and every time you start one, GS will duplicate the template so now you have still the inactive “template” + a newly started listing
  • The other icon (that which show a folder) is helpful if you want that the newly started listing is automatically moved to a folder as soon as you start it.

Hope this will solve your doubts.

@scoutshouse maybe this VIDEO will help you more.

Those icons used to be at the bottom of the “listings” window where you could easily just duplicate it or start another folder - I don’t really understand why it’s now connected to a started listing, but OK - I see it :slight_smile: Yay! Thanks, Fedege