Phone number transfer from ebay sales possible?

There is a phone number field within the order information in garagesale since a long long time. But I never see a phone-number here, even if the buyer put his phone number within his order on ebay. Any reason for this? Is there anything to activate that I did miss?

I am about 99% certain that it is forbidden to contact a buyer on eBay except using eBay messages (on the website).

Hi! Thats not what I meant: If the client adds his phone number to his address on ebay he does that on purpose for example to give the delivering company a possiblity to contact him for delivery purposes. I do not want to call him. But as he gives me his address to send him the items he bought, adding his phone number would help from time to time, too. So today I saw that a client did put his phone number in his ebay-order info.
And I saw that GS has the phone-number field in the order info. But the field stays empty even if the client added the number in his ebay order. So if it needs to stay empty in every case: Why is it there at all? Or if its there to get the phone number from orders where the client adds the phone number to the ebay-order: Why is the number not transferred?

Here in the USA, I get a number in that field 95% of the orders I checked. One was a fake 1111111 number, one was blank, and one was a customer service number for EIS shipping. I have never checked to see if it is a good phone number or just any ramdom string of numbers. The email line always gets a fake entry because ebay doesn’t want users to contact eachother and cut them from getting fees. Ebay freely admits this and it is not a conspiracy theory or guess work on my part.

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