Photo management - help transitioning from Aperture

Although i knew this day was coming for a while, it’s finally arrived. I will have to give up Aperture (32 bit) to upgrade to the late Mac OS (64 bit). I’ve been using Aperture since 2011 and Apple sadly stopped supporting Aperture in 2014. However, I really liked how easy it was to organize and manipulate large batches of photos that I took for my eBay consignment business.

I know Photos is a potential alternative, but I am concerned about not being able to stack and/or manipulate the order of photos in the program before dragging them to GarageSale. Are there any tips or other programs that users would recommend for managing large photo libraries that is also drag and drop friendly with GarageSale? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Trader Chris

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I use Adobe BRIDGE, I think it is still free, worth a look - easy rename and sort among many features…

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