Photo placement

Are the photos automatically placed in eBay’s viewer in the top left of the listing and embedded in the description? Does it depend on the template used?

I have tried a couple of different templates, and I can only see the pictures in the description. I want them to show at the top of the listing with the gallery photo as well.

Hi KakiW,

Thank you for your request.
Pictures do only appear in eBay’s picture gallery if you use eBay’s picture service (EPS) for image hosting.
You can select EPS in the GarageSale preferences>ImageServer.

However, since GarageSale has a great option called “Also upload to eBay, if free” you can still use GarageSale’s free image service (or your own server). Your picture will then be uploaded to EPS as well.
Please note: Even if “Also upload to eBay, if free” is enabled, the EPS gallery won’t be shown in the GarageSale Preview.

Hope this helps,

I’m having a similar problem with EPS images displaying in the top left if my listing. I am adding images by URL from our own website and in the editor preview it shows them as thumbs under the main image as well as in the description however when i start the listing only the main image is visible in the top left. I have checked the picture pack if free option and the image server is using EPS. Any ideas on why they are not showing in the auctions?

Hi Rob,

as far as I remember eBay does no longer support URL images for their EPS gallery.

As a workaround you could switch to FTP upload in the GarageSale preferences>ImageServer so GarageSale can upload your images to your server. You can then enable “also upload to EPS”. GarageSale then uploads your images to EPS as well.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Kristian,

Would this duplicate the images on my server? or if I worked them with the same name would it overwrite and therefore still have the paths for the website and GS the same? We have quite a host of images on the web server as it is and duplicating would lead to it getting expensive.

Thanks for your time!

Hi Kristian,

Thanks for your help. Having setup the FTP upload it works perfectly without duplicating. Lets hope the images in the right place help with sales!