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I just upgraded my Mac and went to the paid version of GS, the latest version. Suddenly I cannot drop photos into a listing I am preparing. I use “preview mode” to create a listing. I click the “show media library” icon, and it brings up all my photos correctly, but when I double click on a photo, GS just enlarges the photo and does not drop it into the listing. I’m sure I’m missing something really silly and easy, but I cannot seem to figure this out. Please, somebody, help…

And as long as we’re at it – I’m an old man, and my eyesight isn’t great. When the media library comes up, the photos are teeny tiny. I cannot get them to be bigger as in previous GS versions.

I hate upgrading…

GarageSale 8 uses a newer image browser which works a but different than the previous one. To add photos to your listing just drag the desired photo over to your listing and drop it there.

If you can’t live without the way it worked previously, you can still switch back to the older image browser by selecting “Use Legacy Image Browser” in the GarageSale preferences:

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OK thank you I see how that works – but ONLY if I drag it right to the place where the photo goes. I was dragging it to just outside of the image browser, which didn’t do anything.

So, how can I make the images larger? I have thousands of items listed and I am frequently sorting through hundreds of photos at a time in GS, and it would be easier if I could see them without squinting…

As far as I can see only see legacy image browser lets you change the image size (via a slider at the bottom).

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OK. One other photo issue is that some of my photos do not show up in the image browser. This happened some after I upgraded the computer but before I upgraded GS. And I re-started GS and a few of the missing ones came up, and I restarted again and again, and little by little the photos appeared. Of course that never happened before. Now I have the both the new computer and new GS, and some photos that I took are simply not appearing. Happy to screen share if this could be resolved…

I see how to do this, and using the old one is much more intuitive for me and easier to just double click rather than dragging. Plus the images are bigger, so that works for me too. BUT the problem with some of my photos not showing up is still happening…

If your images aren’t showing up in either the default photo image browser (provided by macOS itself) not by the legacy one (an open source alternative) it’s probably an issue on Apple‘s end of the stick.

Is there something common about the missing images, like unusual file format or resolution?

Also, does dragging the image from Photos work?

Thanks for this tip. I checked that box and it works much better that the “newer” method.

I CAN DRAG FROM PHOTOS. OK, that works, even though the image browser isn’t working as it should.

There is nothing common about the missing images. I took many photos in succession of items I want to list, all in the same time period. Some appear, some do not. It’s a brand new MacBook Air.

I suddenly can’t drop images into a listing - even ones that are live - and the new pix aren’t in the usual image/photo album folders and I can’t choose the folders. ugh - I just want to drop the damn pix in the listing! this never happened before and I’m freaking!

Does it work to drop photos in the image field of GarageSale’s Editor mode?

Can you describe this more specific or show a screenshot?

Please also see my answer here:

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