Photo Storage and How to Improve Speed of Computer

HI, My computer is running quite slowly lately and I am looking for advice on how to speed things up. Garage Sale and i photo are the two applications used most.
Two questions:
Once I populate my template can I trash the images in i photo?
Is there any other advice that you can give me for improving speed. I usually have about 500 templates at any given time and start all auctions as new on e bay rather than use the e bay relist option.


with 500 items your GarageSale shouldn’t run slow. (with enough RAM installed)

You can delete the images from iPhoto but that shouldn’t be necessary.

Are you maybe using an older version of GarageSale? Please let me know which version of GarageSale you have installed. (Just select ‘About GarageSale’ from the ‘GarageSale’ menu in GarageSale.)

Regards, Kristian

HI, Thanks for the quick response. I am running 6.9.5. For the Mac, On my Mac am running 10.9.5 with 2 GB memory, it appears that I can update to 4 GB of memory. I have 122 free of 249 GB of memory on my 250 GB SATA disk. Any suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,

Hi Beth,

if I were you I would add as many RAM as possible. 2GB is not that much.

The more items (and images) you use the more time needs GarageSale to operate such a large database.

Other things you can do to speed it up is:
• Delete unneeded items and empty the trash
• Activate “reduce image size on import” in the GarageSale preferences>Advanced.
• Make sure you don’t use too much HTML code in GarageSale’s Editor mode

Regards, Kristian

Thanks so much, I upgraded to 8 GB of memory and performance is greatly improved. I was able to purchase the memory on e bay for under $50.00. An inexpensive and easy fix. I am still wondering if I can remove the photos from i photo once I have added them to my template. I would really like to reduce the number of photos I keep in i photo.

Yes, that’s perfectly fine. GarageSale duplicated iPhoto images during import, so whatever you do to your images in iPhoto has no effect on GarageSale.