Photos Problem dragging from Mac Photos

Since upgrading to GS 7 I have not been able to drag my photos from Mac Photos to GS 7 like I did in GS 6. I can add them in editor mode but not preview mode. If I use the media gallery then take more pictures the media gallery does not show them. I have to restart GS to see the pictures. How can I get the pictures to drag into preview mode? Thanks

2011 Imac High Sierra
Garage sale 7.0.10a1

Sorry, Apple broke drag and drop from Photos to any application that uses the WebView component, like GarageSale’s preview mode does. If test, you cannot drag images from Photos to:

  • any website in Safari that accepts image drags (like all websites that offer photo or photo book printing)
  • popular apps like Slack or HipChat that are using the WebView component

We filed a bug with Apple, but it doesn’t seem high on their agenda to fix this. If like to get this fixed, please tell Apple here:

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