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Maybe this has been covered elsewhere, but now that eBay has gone to GTC and auctions only, the homepage text about picture hosting is a bit out of date I believe.

Would be nice to have a simple explanation of the different image hosting options. What are the advantages/disadvantages of each?

We’ve always used the eBay Picture Service and not seen any reason to switch from that, but at the same time, am not opposed to using the paid GarageSale GTC Image Server if there is a reason to justify it. I assume that GS8 will be a paid upgrade, and I am all for that.

Perhaps the GTC Image Server rates should be part fo the consideration with setting the rate for GS8? Charging more for it so can charge less for GS8, or including it as part of a GS8 subscription. Just throwing out ideas there.

As far as I know, GS 8 subscription includes also GS image hosting for GTC.
My advice is that if you need more than those 12 ebay allows, GS hosting is very convenient. If you only use two photos into your listings, you can work also without since now EPS is free.

Exactly, it’s included in GarageSale Pro.

With GarageSale image service you can use up to 20 images per listing with a size of up to 1600px. If you subscribe to GarageSale Pro you can even add up to 50(!) images to your item description.

Selecting ‘Also upload images to eBay’s Picture service, if free’ will make the (first 12) images appear in eBay’s own image gallery (at the top of the eBay listing website) at the same time.

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