Picture Problem

I’ve posted about this before, with never any solution. The problem was steady for a long time and would only flare up once a day or so. Now, after upgrading to High Sierra, I need to restart GS every 40 minutes or so. GS loses the ability to see my pictures – they show up as “?” after GS has been running for a while. The only fix is to restart, which isn’t hugely terrible but it is a pain in the ass which should be fixed. I currently have 7.0.9 running and OS High Sierra 10.13.1. Please, can something be done?

That sounds strange.

Do you get those missing image markers in Preview or Editor mode?

If you double-click any of those missing ?-pictures in Editor, does GarageSale image’s editor window open?

I get the missing markers in Preview mode for sure. I will check Editor next time. Since I keep my items in the same order as the pictures, I can still add the pictures to the listings and they come out fine – I just have to count right. This works for 1 or 2, but then I need to see what I’m doing…

OK yes still happens in Editor mode

But what happens if you double-click an image in editor mode?

I can still insert an image – I just cannot see which image I am inserting. Once it has been inserted, I can double click and edit like normal, in both preview and editor mode.

So the fully size image is still be there, just the thumbnails in editor or the scaled down version used for preview aren’t visible?

What kind of Mac are you using?

If you add new images to a listing and switch to preview mode, do you see any new files get added to the directory at the path below in your home directory?

Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale7/Data/Library/Application Support/GarageSale/ImageCache

If you don’t see the Library folder in your account’s home directory, you need to make it visible from the View Options command in the Finder for your home directory.

That is correct. I can still add images, but the thumbnails in editor and preview are all replaced with “?” and so I cannot see which images I am choosing.

I have a MacBook Pro from mid-2012.

I understand how to make my Library folder visible, but I don’t understand how to find that directory anywhere. The only iwascoding option I can see says “buy” and doesn’t have the image cache.

Please give this a try:

  1. Open GarageSale 7.
  2. Choose “Help” Menu > “Open Library Folder”
  3. In that Finder window you’ll find the “ImageCache” folder Ilja is referring to.

Regards, Kristian

Aha, ok I see that.

So just to make sure I understand: now you want me to be in editor mode, add a picture to a listing, switch to preview mode, and then check the library to see if the image was added?

If I understood Ilja correctly, yes :slight_smile:

Regards, Kristian

Yes, each time you add a new image to GS, an image file should be added to the “ImageLibrary” folder. When you view that image in Preview mode, a scaled down copy of the image should be added to the “ImageCache” folder.

If you sort these folders by “date modified”, it should be easy to see if these files get actually created.

OK, so starting in editor mode, I added a picture to a new listing. I then switched to Preview mode. Then I checked the Image Cache and the answer is: Yes, the image is in the Library.

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