Pictures as option for copying listing components

Please add the option to GS8 for copying a listing’s pictures when copying and pasting listing components. It would make my life so much easier. I want to be able to copy all listing components instead of duplicating items, because i regularly need to move entire listings around to and from different, but active, previously started, different listings.

Thank you very much.

Hi 14minus9,

you can already copy and paste listing images between listings.
This works best when selecting all images in Editor mode, pressing cmd-c and then switch to the other listing, click into the image field in Editor mode and press cmd-v there to insert the images.

Hope this helps,

Hello Kristian, thank you so much for your swift reply!

The method you suggested sadly is of no big help, since it requires the same additional steps.

Are there any reasons unknown to me that would prevent or make it impractical to implement the copying of pictures along with the other listing components?

Additionally, were “Revise Listing” and “Stop Listing” left out of the context menu intentionally on your part?

Those would be very useful additions to the UI that would save quite some miles of mouse movement, especially when using a 4K screen running at 1:1 resolution, not HiDPI resolution.

I am totally ready for signing up to GS Pro if that’s something you could make happen. Also thank you for the coupon along with the upgrade license from GS7, i can see you’re working hard on it. Good job so far, keep going!

Looking forward to your much appreciated help, and have great weekend!


Images are handled differently internally (images files are shared between listings) than all the other components in the “Copy components” panel, which are handled by the same lines of code. Supporting images in that panel would require additional code, that we haven’t written so far. But it is on our to-do list.

Well be added in the next beta release.

That is awesome to hear, thank you Ilja! Keep up the great work!

Will this include the context popup menus in BOTH the left Listing Template column, and the middle Overview column???



Beta 67 only included it in the outline view. Let’s see what beta 68 has in stock for you.


Fixed in b68.


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