Pictures dissapear on eBay when relisting

First off, I am learning and may be asking stupid questions. I have an issue when I have auctions created on garage sale that I relist on eBay and have the pictures disappear from the listing except for the gallery picture. Also, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to find the template from the running active auctions on garage sale that i need in order to revise them. I click on the live auction and under the auctions tab, there is nothing listed for me to click on so that I can revise them. Thanks for any help in advance!

I have noticed the same thing happening. Anyone else?

Hi - maybe try this - go to top menu GARAGESALE at left, go down to preferences, and check the box next to ALSO UPLOAD PICTURE’S TO EBAY’S IMAGE SERVICE, IF FREE

then, make sure that you are revising your auction through GARAGESALE and not Ebay - what are you using to upload your pictures?

Templates should be in the sidebar under AUCTION TEMPLATES, and auctions under that in the sidebar in the AUCTIONS section. When you want to revise an auction, you would do it using the TEMPLATE, go to the inspector panel, at the top you’ll see the AUCTIONS icon, click that and you can revise or relist. I use my own picture server, so if I revised through EBAY it might not see my links and would only generate the gallery picture.

I seell vintage stuff, so the way I manage GARAGESALE is every day I list I create a folder in AUCTION TEMPLATES and name it for the date (like 150809), and drag in all of the templates that I will list that day. If something from last week didn’t sell, I drag it from the folder from last week into today’s folder, revise it, and then use the AUCTIONS icon on the inspector palate to relist it. If it sold and I happen to have one or two more, instead of dragging it, I would duplicate it and drag the duplicate into todays work folder (make sure that the copy doesn’t have the word COPY in the title, which it probably does, or Ebay will give you an error. Then revise that or list as is. This way I have a template for every completed auction should i need to revisit it. Just my two cents…