Please help urgently database vanished

Hi - I am using Version 9.1.1 - this morning I opened my library folder to clean out some old cached images. I removed about 10K of them like I usually do every few weeks. I emptied the trash folder and then when I went back to work on new listings, I tried to grab a listing and move it and it would not move. GarageSale closed on me, then said I need to reimport database, which I did - I did NOT select start with a blank library - and now all my listings are gone.

Ive recovered any files I may have deleted by accident using DiskDrill and dragged them in again to the library folder but nothing comes up.

I have 50 hours of work to do in the next 24 hours if I cannot get this to work, Im begging you for a fix here :frowning:
thank you for a fast reply in advance.

Not sure if this helps but this is part of what I see

also this

Basically I need my database from yesterday, 12.9.22 to be restored. Sorry for so many replies, I am not the most tech savvy!

Does this mean I have a successful backup of my database from yesterday? If so, how do I get that to be installed back into GS?

Do you have time machine backup on?

Yes I do, see the last screenshot I made? How can I reinstall it from that?

OK, so I had a thought - I went to the time machine backup for yesterday for the GS library folder and I copy pasted it and saved it to a new folder. I can just delete the current one which is seemingly corrupt at this point from whatever I did and paste the old one in there, right?

HOLY F’ING COW THAT WORKED!!! ITS BACK!!! Whew, sorry to glom up the board with panic posts LOL.

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Hard drives are cheap. My default position is delete nothing. Just buy new BIGGER drives and keep everything

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hoarder identified

This is not usually a viable strategy, cluttering up your database and file system will ultimately slow down GS and your entire machine.

So far I haven’t deleted the wrong file or had to restore after deleting the wrong file. My mac has 3.5 TB of space and I have used less than 1 TB. That is a lot of room. I keep 1 listing of every sale and when I list a new one the old gets deleted so my file isn’t growing that fast.

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