Please help us fix Drag & Drop from Photos

As an avid GarageSale user, you might have noticed that dragging images directly from Apple’s Photos app to GarageSale’s preview mode stopped working a while back.

This issue does not only effect GarageSale, every app that use macOS’s WebView component (e.g. Slack or HipChat) can no longer receive dragged images from Photos. Also, any website that accepts image drags, e.g. to compose printed photo books, can no longer receive images from Photos when viewed with the system’s default Safari browser.

We believe this bug compromises not only GarageSale, but the Mac’s core functionality itself, and filed a bug with Apple a while back, but unfortunately it hasn’t been fixed yet.

If you like to get this issue fixed, please use Apple’s Photos feedback page to tell them how the problem effects you:

Also, if you have an Apple developer account, feel free to duplicate our bug report: rdar://34952636: Image Drag&Drop from to WebView not working

Thanks for your time,

@ilja am I drunk or are those my postcards listings in your database :joy: :joy: ?
Anyway, I will leave feedback hoping it might help. I never used the drag and drop from photo, I prefer to move images before into a folder and then from the folder into GS or any other app/site. It’s a step more, but if you want to save images in library… why not importing them into the finder before? Anyway I see the bug and as with any other problem, they must/should be fix (don’t they :neutral_face:). I hope it will be fixed for those who use it…

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Yes, you are right. I have lots of listings from different customers in my development database, so I hopefully run into any performance issues before you do.

I see @ilja , that’s very fine, thank you. But if you don’t run into issues before I do, are you going to investigate anyway, don’t you? (Any reference here present is, of course, entirely accidental :grin: ).

I can drag and drop from iPhoto, which I’ve maintained on my Mac just because of this feature. On another Mac, my wife is using the editor mode to drop pictures from Photos, but it is not as fast as before (you can’t drop a photo on top of another to replace it, so there are way too many clicks for her, i.e., in and out of editor, dropping new photos, rearranging the photos, then deleting the ones she wanted to replace.)

So this is the long way of asking what is the best non-Apple photo application to enable a user to drag and drop onto GS7?

I filled out the form, but have no confidence they will do anything.

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